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Marzo 2017
Bottoni per il cambio del mese

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La Castellina (English)



Castellina or Caste'la is a building insert in the complex of "Villa dalla Pasqua" and together with Belfiore's mill compose a kind of closed court on the right side of Loncon river, giving at the built-up area a closed character useful for the defensive system.
Castellina has a polygonal layout, characterized by a frame made of bricks on Middle Ages style.
Recently it was restored (on 2010) by the Pramaggiores's municipality with the contribution of Veneto Region.
The revival operation of Castellina starts from the idea to arrange the building after a long time of desolation and decay, developing a relationship between contemporary and tradition.
The revitalisation of handwork had maintained a dialogue among landscape and rustic building leaving unchanged the northern façade and making transparent part of the current wall on the east part.
This choice has been necessary because of continuous collapses and arrangements.
After the works we can see a hexagonal geometrical shape, maimed of the northern corner.
You can notice on the perimetrical wall a subsequent intervention; two arch holes; a niche that probably contained a sacred painting but today nothing remains.

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